ikwuagwu igwe, your ways my ways

Your Ways my Ways. My Isaiah 55:8-9 Musings

Your Ways my Ways.

Isaiah 55:8 KJV8

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 

No matter how educated or sophisticated we become, we can never be at the same thought level with God.

If this is so like the above scripture points out,  then why the continuous self-imposed limitation we grovel under trying to fit God into our tiny little systems and mode?

Adapting to Change

Man is created to adapt to changes even after an initial revolt and resistance, in the long run, he will yield and adapt.

Well, I am not talking about the man next to you. I am talking to you – the man reading this. You have adapted to a whole lot of change you have been exposed to.

Part of these changes is the ways you judge stuff in your life. The way you judge your discomfort and pain.

The Irony

The irony is that we have adapted to judging stuff based on our level of education, exposure, and the environment.

And unfortunately our education is flawed, our exposure is circumstantial and our environment is relative. These are the same things we always tend to disagree with.

No matter which side you take, we are the direct opposite of God’s ways and systems. But for us to walk and work with God, there is an essential need for concord in reasoning.

Your reasoning advises and suggests to you that there are only certain things that God concerns Himself with. And that He listens to only a certain kind of episcopal class.

But God’s reasoning and thoughts cast a shadow over such contrary thoughts.

Over the years, we have adopted all sorts of reasoning and adaptations as to how we relate to what God instructs us to do.

Like I mentioned earlier that our education, exposure, and environment has succeeded to give us a soft landing. Which has developed an adaptation for us to believe that God is in such a way.

When man adapts, it creates in him an illusion that all is well. He feels he has been able to develop a way to survive.

What are the thought patterns you have adapted to? Are they God’s thoughts? We may not succeed to maintain continuously this pattern of God’s thoughts. But we can maintain continuously the manual that produces at any time this pattern of thoughts.

Isaiah 55:9 says that God can give us a much better and higher thought pattern. This is because we can not solve problems unless we develop or switch into a higher and better mode of thinking. Compared to how we thought when the problems were created.

It seems normal to us now to pray and also tell God how, when and where to answer the prayer. Based on our education, exposure and environment. Not realizing that God has a much better way to deal with our fantasies.

God is still God

Instead of developing Moses’ muscles in order to break Pharaoh’s bonds, He divided the red sea.

Instead of opening the heavens to rain down manna as He did before. He chooses to multiply a few pieces of bread and fish to feed the 5000 angry and hungry men.

Presently God still has the best way that beats our sophisticated artificial, emotional, and mental intelligence.

God is still ahead of us in time, space and present. God is the author of our evolutions and morphs.

There is no line of career that God’s thoughts have not covered. God’s thoughts and ways are incomprehensible so much that our future operating systems will not be able to upgrade to.

Listen to me, His ways are higher than your ways. You can never be too big for God to use you.

All He needs is your willingness and you will be amazed to see outstanding potentials unlocked in your life.

As you sleep off tonight let the silent whispers of your heart find a way out of your lips. Ask God for His far better way.

I hope this piece has made you think about God with absolute faith in Him.

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