I have heard this phrase countless times about God doing the miraculous out of what we have called nothing or out of the nothingness in our hands. I have also heard several times about giving God what you have in order for Him to do the unthinkable and bring multiplication. In all these instances, I have also seen God repeat them in my life several times. But until I came across this story in Luke 5, it gave me a fresh spiritual experience which I would like to share with you today.


In Luke 5, we find Peter experience a miracle even when he had given up, but at the word of God, the unthinkable happened.

The Bible says that they had toiled all night with the net full of baits. What stood out for me was the fact that they were washing their nets in the morning, when the sun was already up. Nets are washed for storage, and the washing of the nets signifies the removal of baits because the nets wouldn’t be stored with the baits on. So, the significance of the nets being washed is that the baits have been removed.


So when Peter let down the net at the word of Jesus, it was an empty net without the baits. There was nothing in the nets except the word of God which Jesus had commanded.

A lot of times, God waits until we wash the net of all the baits, just in case you will say it was because of the baits that you skillfully put.

God can do something with your nothing.

Your nothing is not useless with God.

Your nothing is something.

God operates with a different set of codes and conducts. His ways are higher that our skills, systems and procedures. It doesn’t matter the world’s systems, principles, procedures, and standards; God is higher and better than them all. He can bypass all of them to give you what you want.

Just be careful to always have your nets in the water with an updated rhema and not in the storeroom.

The fishes are on their way with Google map directing them to your exact location. Are you READY!

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