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When Jesus Comes

As we come winding down from advent into epiphany- a season that elaborates the coming of our Lord and savior into the world in human form, it is then imperative we begin to also consider the various reasons why Jesus came and keeps making appearance in our lives from time to time. When Jesus comes, what does He expect of us?

Let me ask you: do you sometimes expect Jesus to come to you?

I mean literally make an appearance in your office or kitchen?

When we pray, what really is our expectation?

I know that when Jesus comes, blessings come as well, even when He comes to discipline it is still the blessing of discipline.

The Character of Jesus Coming

Let us consider 2 scenarios in the Bible that shows 2 different characters of when Jesus comes  making an appearance. These instances are worthy of note, if not for emulation. I must say, in order to have a vibrant and healthy relationship with Jesus, you must be sensitive and willing to be creative in your flexibility.

Luke 10:38-42

Martha had the privilege of playing host to Jesus in her house implying that Jesus came into her home. She quickly got busy to serve Jesus while her Sister Mary got engaged with listening to Jesus teach. Martha wasn’t too happy with Mary for leaving the service for her alone to do so she reported to Jesus expecting Jesus to reprimand her.

Genesis 18:1-16

The Bible tells us about Abraham playing host to 3 men represented as the Trinity. Just like Martha, when they came, Abram got very busy to prepare food for them until they were fully fed and they went on their journey but not until they had blessed him with a son. So, if Martha had been aware of this ancient story, she would have tried to take advantage of this rare opportunity of God being in her home.

Jesus had a different thing to say to her, when He rebuked her for choosing to be about serving at that time instead of doing what Mary choose to do.

Lesson to Learn

This caught my attention and it’s a big lesson for me. Sometimes God comes to us like He did to Abraham and it will be okay for Him to receive. In order words God comes sometimes to receive from us. While sometimes He comes to us like He did in Martha’s house to give us, in order words God comes sometimes to give us. When He comes to receive, He expects us to give. When He comes to give, He expects us to receive.

When we miss it, we will miss the blessing of the moment. So, Jesus rebuked Martha by telling her she missed it because at that time Jesus came to give and Mary was sensitive to know that and she stayed to receive.

Whether He has come to receive or to give, be not mistaken, they are both huge blessings in themselves. Check out when He came to Abraham to receive, Abraham ended up being the person that got the blessing. When He came to Martha’s house to give, Mary ended up receiving the Blessing.


In conclusion, when Jesus comes He never leaves us empty.

We are always better off with His presence within and around us.

One must be sensitive to know what God wants per time.

It is the same God who told Moses to strike the rock when he needed water, and when he needed water again, he told him to speak to the rock instead of striking it like he did previously.

As you ponder on this, always know that there is a huge blessing having Jesus within you. His presence comes with His blessings.

God bless you!

Do want the presence of Jesus to come alive in you?

Then you need to say this with me: Lord thank you for this opportunity, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that you have died for my sins on the cross and God has raised you from the dead. I confess with my mouth that you are now my Lord.

If you have just made this confession then you are saved and born again. Do reach out to me and I will let you know further the next step to take.

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