What Pressure does your Decree have?

What Pressure does your Decree have?

While having my quiet time this morning, I began to meditate on the scripture in Job 22:28, Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. As I continued to meditate I asked the Lord why many decrees I had made have not come to pass? I asked this question because this was not my first time on praying according to this scripture, and each time I read it I always make decrees which obviously to me are not being established.

So, because I asked the Lord, He began to speak to me by asking:

“Can you name all the decrees you have made so far?”

 In my reply I said: “No, I couldn’t keep count, I make them as they come according to the occasion.”

Then what?

This question from the Lord spurred me to begin to think. I realized that I have been doing it the wrong way by making different decrees each day I pray, thereby abandoning and losing faith in the ones I had made previously. And the Lord said to me:

“Son, be consistent with your decrees until you see them established. Sometimes while they are halfway done, you have left them to something else.”

Job 22:28 did not tell us how many times we should make a decree but it tells the end result of decrees which is establishment. So until what you have decreed is established, do not stop making the decree. Sometimes they just need to be established in our hearts, when you receive that “umph!” in your spirit.

Consistently Decree

God is in the business of establishing consistent decrees, so we shouldn’t be like those who beat the air without purpose, stand on your decrees. You can go ahead and make a long list of things you need established and begin to speak them every day until they come to pass.

When a government passes a law, they still have to implement it and that implementation is what establishes the decree. You can be decreeing for 10 days, 20 days or even whole years but know this: God has said give me no rest until I make Jerusalem (you, your decrees) a praise in the earth.

Keep saying it; don’t stop saying it, He is surely watching over your decrees to bring them to pass. Your words will not fall to the ground. You are a king and God has structured you to live by decrees. Stand your ground; maintain your confession and you will see that mountain remove to yonder place. You will see that concrete situation crack under the pressure of your decrees.

God bless you!                                    

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