Top 5 Digital tools make a writer these days. One of the best definitions of a writer is; “A person who cannot not write.” When I came across this definition, I asked myself, “what can make me not write?” 

In as much as one might try to get very motivational about this, there are actually several things that did make me not write.

But instead of dwelling on those, I began to rule out the possibilities of me not writing regularly.

One of those possibilities was not having the adequate tools that can help me be efficient.

So in this article today I will try to let you in on the top 5 digital tools I readily use and engage in order to keep writing and publishing my own books regularly.


This is your typical word processing document for typing, formatting and editing your written text. This tool comes handy for when I am offline and I need to work. It is very convenient to use and it comes as a mobile app too which means i can still work using my mobile phone.

Get Microsoft office here


This is google’s version of your typical word processing document but it runs on the internet. This tool comes in handy for me when i am out of my station and i need to continue with my work anywhere anytime without having to use my personal computer. Because every work i do here is stored in the central google cloud which means i can access it from anywhere. 

Get Google docs here


Yes, this is where the magic happens. Canva is a design tool that runs with the internet where you can make quick book cover designs with their wide range of beautiful design templates. All you need to do is choose a design and modify it to your taste. You do not need a special design skill, all you need to have is a good design taste.  Sometimes when it is convenient for me, I still do my book contents design and formatting with Canva.

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Originally this is a tool whose traditional function is to collect emails and send emails to your email list, but i find it more than that because i get to use it to design a landing page for my book when it is ready to hit the market. Imagine the magic that happens when someone indicates interest in having your book and there is an already existing automated system to send the book to them via email even in your absence.

Get MailChimp here


Here comes the money guy. This is the guy that makes sure you collect money for all your hard work for just a little commission. They offer payment gateways service now that the world is going cashless. With this tool,  I get to sell across boundaries and currencies with all the convenience in the world.

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So these are the top 5 digital tools i use for my book writing and publishing career. Let me know in the comments section what tools do the magic for you in your own work. I would really love to hear from you.

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