the promise, ikwuagwu igwe



Acts 7:17 But when the time of the promise drew nigh, which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt, 

Why did God choose this particular time to bring growth and multiplication to the Israelites? Why was it at the time for the promise to be fulfilled that this sudden growth and multiplication began to take place? I am sure you will find out as you read on.

What was the promise? That God will give them the land of Canaan as their inheritance. At this time, they were nowhere near the land of Canaan. Little did they know that their sudden growth and multiplication was only the beginning of a process to get them into the promised land.


But, come to think of it, sudden growth and multiplication should be termed as success. Shouldn’t it be something to happy and brag about? Off course it is, but in the process of being happy and sharing your testimony one needs to understand and become aware of the full purpose of it. Unfortunately, the Israelites didn’t know that the promised land was near.

Psalm 105:24 And He increased His people greatly and made them stronger than their enemies.


At this time, the people would have thought that finally they would over power the Egyptians and take over their land. They would have even thought that Egypt has now become the land promised and by being stronger than the Egyptians the land would be turned over to them. This calls for a deeper reflection on the sudden success that experience from time to time. There is a need to judge and understand its purpose.

Back to the scripture before us today in Acts 7:17. This sudden growth and multiplication came as a threat to the Egyptians that it provoked sudden extreme hostilities towards the Israelites. So much that their newborns were forbidden to survive. Acts 7:18-20


This sudden growth and multiplication set the stage for the birth of Moses, the exodus and the journey into Canaan. Remember, the people didn’t understand the purpose of those divine events. If they had known and understood, the promise which God has sworn to Abraham would have happened in a far shorter time than the number of years they spent in the wilderness going towards it.


In conclusion, It is time we begin to approach God with questions rather than requests upon request centered only on ourselves. Questions that initiate a quality life changing conversation with God.  What is the purpose of this particular moment that you currently have? At every point in time our lives are fulfilling scripture/prophecy. It is now a question of which scripture/prophecy are you fulfilling?

This is the time to step into what God has planned for you to fulfill now. There is someone waiting to hear your voice, testimony, message, and story. Will you be willing to be used by God to fulfill this present word?

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