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Strategic Success habits that Defy Failure


I was in a meeting on Monday where I listened to someone tell his success story. What stood out for me in his story was that he made a move when an opportunity came calling. It got me thinking about the several moves I have had to make both in ministry and business and the recent one being the Strategic Success Conference I started in January 2018. Which holds as a virtual meeting on WhatsApp every month.

At a time, it looked like I should discontinue when I had the February edition but here I am today with a story.
Every move must be strategically sustained in order to maintain focus and still arrive at the big picture. This is where the success story matures.

As an individual, I am passionately driven to see young people discover, develop and fulfill their purpose in life and I do such through platforms like this Strategic Success Conference. This month’s edition will focus on Strategic Success Habits that Defy Failure.

This is an opportunity for you to make a move that in many years to come you will be glad you did. You too can have a success story that will motivate others. Join this conference and hear me out, you will be glad you did.

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