Quiescent Milk and Honey

Quiescent Milk and Honey

Milk and honey whenever mentioned represent every form of good life; it connotes the goodies a certain group of people were promised in order for them to lose their position. For believers in Jesus Christ, it is a representation of a promised land where there is abundance of rest- rest from struggles and jeopardy and daily melodramatic experience with cosmic powers. However, you are not left out of the charade of the significance of milk and honey; well I am sure it means a whole bunch of different stuff to you. But milk and honey for me is a combo of smoothness and sweetness with a blend of ease and loss of friction with bitterness.

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Sources of Milk and Honey

Before we go on and on, don’t forget where milk and honey comes from. They don’t drop from the sky you know, they are as a result of an activity of hard work born from the process of time; time endured through patience. When it comes to milk, it is not the young cow or an amateur mammary gland that produces it. It comes from a mature cow with matured mammary glands. And off course there has to be a long wait for the young cow to get to this point of producing milk. Well, when the young cow finally gets to that point of producing milk, someone has to bend down underneath the cow in order to get to the milk and I must say, this comes with a few kicks from the cow.

Concerning honey, unlike the milk the point of production is not really a friendly zone, to be specific-an enemy territory because the custodian sees you as an enemy; I mean the angry stinging busy bee. For you to get to the honey you have to come face to face with bee stings and this is dangerous. Sometimes too, for you to get to the honey you will have to fight with a lion. A man named Samson narrated his experience in Judges 14:5-9  (Holy Bible). In all, every venture to acquire some honey must be preceded by a calculated and precise effort.

May be by now, milk and honey should be looking like success and prosperity to you, but actually that is what it is. They don’t come overnight, they don’t come by laying on of hands, they don’t come by inheritance. They don’t come by incantations. Magical wands don’t produce them neither is gotten from mere belief and confession. Your religious jingoism does not produce success and prosperity either. They come from a resilience guided by the lessons you can glean from acquiring milk and honey.

Milk and honey is at the end of a maze of bonds and afflictions and within the turns found in this maze are surprises that will upset you and urge you to turn back and recline in your comfortable cushion. But milk and honey is not borne out of comfort but out of adversity and courage. As recorded in the Holy Bible at Numbers 14:6-9 General Joshua and Captain Caleb looked at theses adversities in their quest for the milk and honey and called them bread and defenseless. I understand you have your fears of the unknown, but do not continue to feed your fears but starve them of attention and you will outgrow your present level and circumstance.

You are young, vibrant and full of life, let us channel your strength and passion to a greater goal which is the milk and honey. The milk and honey that should come from you is in high demand out there and lots of people are waiting for you and are also willing to pay heavily for it, because yours is just so unique. There is milk and honey in you, and it is just about time you get down to business and unleash them. Be your own entrepreneur and work out your milk and honey. Go through what you are going through now with your head raised high but make sure you grow through it so you can out grow it. It’s in you, in the way you talk, the way you laugh, the way you walk, the way you listen, the way you dance, the way you sing, in fact it is in the way you just do your thing. Your style is unique, it needs to be harnessed and brought to a marketable value.

A lot of times this quest brings with it a lot of confusion and frustration, but these are the process of producing milk and honey in abundance. When you walk up to a bee hive casually and scoop honey with your bare hands, then two things are involved: either it is not a beehive or that it is not honey that you have. It is time to start thinking the hard way and not always the easy way out. But know this, that there is always a way; when it is about life there is never a dead end. I am an optimistic believer in ways that seems to be no ways; this what my being a partaker of the divine nature of God has enabled in me and I do not want to stroll this path alone, you can join me and let us find possibilities to life and to your life.

So, do you want milk and honey?

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  1. I am always n anticipation for your blog, please can you make it regular, I mean let us your readers know when you will be posting.
    Thank you for this piece. My milk and honey is in high demand somewhere, and I must get there.

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