By men and for the men

men’s roundtable, and men’s support group.


 By men and for the men

This initiative provides a platform for matured men’s roundtable, and men’s support group.

We approach our discussions from the men’s emotional intelligence.

We offer an emotional lifeline for men.

Here we talk about our struggles, our fears, our responsibilities and a bit about our women.

Here at mentalk, we cry where, why and when we should. We encourage ourselves and we support each other with the love of Christ.

We discuss what we don’t discuss in our regular conventional men’s forum. This is an out of the box men’s forum. We share our stories of triumph and failure.

We provide help for recovering alcoholic and we help drug addicts to substitute. We encourage one man to one wife. We believe in being a father to our children.

We share helpful wisdom on how to be a better father, man, husband and breadwinner.

We are currently on whatsapp.

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