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Living Every Day with Passion

Living Every Day with Passion

Living every day with passion is a sustainable way to keep your life moving in the right direction. When we are living every day with passion, the entire activities we engage in will be fun. Any day lived with passion is always a day we never want to forget. A life of passion is a life that produces a lasting result.

It’s Equivalent

Passion is the human equivalent of the fuel that powers your car. In a similar way passion powers a lifetime of dreams. It is an energy source for living an inspired life that is driven by purposeful action. In more specific terms passion is your vision for your life based on your core valuesstrengths, skills, interests and talents. With it, you can overcome any obstaclesolve any problem, and circumnavigate the endless challenges that life throws your way. Without it, people often succumb to angerfrustrationdisappointment and continuously get caught up in seemingly insurmountable problems.

The Experience of Passion

Passion is often born from experience. It’s born from the act of trying new things and from broadening your horizons. In other words, it isn’t something that suddenly finds you while you’re sitting on your couch at home watching television. It is rather something that you must proactively pursue by venturing outside your comfort zone to gain the necessary experiences to trigger that “aha” moment that can change the course of your life forever.

It Should Come From…

Moreover, passion is something that you develop through either love or hate. It comes through love for your work, for life, for the challenges you face, and for making a positive difference in other people’s lives. However, it can also come through the hate of losing something valuable, through not meeting your expectations and through continuous failed attempts and a lack of results that suddenly stirs up a deep desire within to bring justice to the injustices that life has brought your way. So in other words, passion comes from the experience of both pain and pleasure. But it matters not where it comes from as long as you are able to use it in an optimal way to help support purposeful action.

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