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Like Sharks to Blood: How to Attract (and Keep) Your Dream Clients -part 2

Catch Their Attention: Specialization Makes You an Expert

Specializing means to focus on one area exclusively — typically by industry vertical (e.g. garden retailers) or by functional area (e.g. web design).

You can think of this as going deep instead of wide in your field. For instance, I’ve specialized to focus solely on digital agencies, which translates to more familiarity with the business structure and problems they face.

When you’re looking for a doctor to perform heart surgery, you want a heart surgeon, not a generalist. Narrowing down your niche makes you an expert, and inspires confidence in your clients.


Once you have a clear niche, make sure your marketing is consistent within that niche.

Don’t just think about marketing and branding; think about marketing and branding within your niche. And think about your audience’s needs, not just your own needs.

When you can make your target audience feel like you understand them and their business, and are perfect for them and their needs, they aren’t going to be as price-sensitive. They’re also going to trust you more — meaning they’ll be more likely to take your advice. In general, that tends to lead to clients that are a lot more enjoyable to work with.

What else do you do to keep your pipeline full of your ideal clients? Tell us in the comments section below!


…to be continued, see part 3 here

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