Hold on, God has not Changed His Mind

About the Book

Hold on, God has not changed His mind is a book born out of passion to see believers especially young people, pursue passionately the gifts, visions, and dreams in them. Despite the detours and bumps on the way, God is still God-He has not changed his mind.

Hold on

This book goes further to show practical steps to take, that will move you forward during your moments of hesitation and on the verge of giving up. Through the stories, illustrations and scriptural insights, this book makes a clear and bold statement that God has not changed His mind, no matter where you are right now.


God has not changed His mind is a tool to revive lost faith, lost hope, lost motivation and lost enthusiasm about your life and God’s promises. You are the next big thing about to happen because God has not and will not change His mind about you.

I have been thinking along these lines since the recession hit globally. This line of thought came to me as I interacted with people especially young people in my coaching programs. I hear a lot of them wonder loudly whether God has changed His mind. At first, I did not set out to propose a new dogma but simply to reiterate ancient words that have stood the test of time.

Out of these perusing and passion this book was born. I will be releasing first, the e-book version which will be free for download for the first 1000 people afterwards it will be up for a price.

God has blessed my heart to speak and write passionately along these lines. Get ready this book will be ready for download on the 23rd of August, 2017 till the 31st of August at http://waterways.com.ng/product-category/e-books/

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