The Heart of a Mother Towards Infants Expressed by the ThrivingUp Initiative

The Burden

The infant mortality rate in Nigeria is one of the highest in Africa, as high as 37 per 1000 live births, approximately 250,000 newborn deaths occuring each year. Majority of these deaths are preventable and occur within the first week or month of life.


As heartrending as this report is, the fact that majority of these deaths are preventable but keep occuring is a major cause for concern. It means that there is something we should be doing that we are not doing, and as a result infants die in their numbers each year.

The Solution

So, inspired by GOD and driven by passion for newborn health and survival; I started my NGO called ‘Thriving Up’ , aimed at informing and educating expectant mum’s about health, household and community practices they should adopt to ensure health, proper development, well being as well as survival of infants.

Launching into an Opportunity

Last Friday, having gotten our approval, we had our very first event. Commemorating the World Breastfeeding Week at the General Hospital Kubwa, Abuja. This was a seminar organised for expectant mothers to educate them on exclusive breastfeeding. Which is an important factor in ensuring the health and well-being of infants. We had over 40 expectant mothers in attendance and they all learnt so much that will eventually help them. Especially to have a better breastfeeding experience and sustain breastfeeding for the recommended first six months. Enabling them ensure the health, and proper growth and development of their infants.

Lessons Learnt

Hosting this event, was an amazing experience and I learnt a great deal:

1. That challenges are not STOP-SIGNS, rather if you can just trust GOD absolutely, without an iota of doubt, you will definitely scale through every challenge.

2. That vision, not money is all you need to make a difference.

3. That passion is a definite pointer to what you should be doing on Earth to fulfill GOD’s purpose for your life.

4. That everyone, every single person on Earth has a gift and the world is in need of that gift.

5. That everything you need to succeed is within you.


To everyone that I have tagged and those I forgot to (please forgive me), you made all the difference, thanks for your immense support. To my knight in shining armour Ikwuagwu Igwe Kalu, when GOD made you, HE could only have been thinking about me thanks for standing by me and for building me my amazing website, u rock, rock, rock????

Dear sweet JESUS, you gave the vision, I did the work it entailed, with you strengthening and leading me on and YOU made it happen. This might be our little beginning but we know you have a lot in store for us. Thanks for being there, I could never have done it without you.

And we present to you Thriving Up Initiative- www.thrivingup.com.ng We love you?

Pictures of the Event


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