Have you had Enough?

“Have you had enough”?

I can remember being asked this question countless times while growing up, but surprisingly when I answered that I have had enough of the food, within the next couple of hours my body will be cringing for food again. Right now, I realize that I could never have enough of food, because my body keeps using it up and that is what food is meant for-to be used up.

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This question got to me while I was worshiping God during my quiet time with Him, while I pondered on it, the Holy Spirit whispered to me and said: you can never have enough of me; I am meant to be used up. This brought me to remember the scripture that says in Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit. Always have more of the Holy Ghost because you can never have enough of Him. Likewise, he is never exhausted, He is never concluded. He is always supplying, always giving. The Holy Ghost is never done; he is always at work in your life.

How hungry are you? Your degree of hunger determines how much you will have. Jesus asked in John 7:37…if any man thirst let him come unto me, and drink…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. A river never takes enough water and it never gives enough water; it is always taking and it is always giving. Therefore every good and perfect gift of God in your life shall not be enough whether in receiving or in giving.

Coming back to my thoughts which I started with, I began to consider the possible outcome if I had stopped eating just because I have had enough during breakfast. Your guess is as good as mine; the body will begin to feel it. With time, the body reserves will be exhausted and the body will not have anything more to give or to use.

When you have had enough, then your life has had enough here on earth-the end then comes calling. God is always on a fast responder to “not enough”. Having enough is having no need of God. Not enough is the fuel of success and progress. Acknowledge your emptiness and need for a constant filling of the Holy Ghost and out of your belly shall constantly flow out rivers of living waters. You will remain relevant at all times in your sphere when you are constantly filled with the supernatural.

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15 thoughts on “Have you had Enough?”

  1. User Avatar
    margareth Phenson

    We don’t stop eating, we don’t stop drinking, likewise we will not stop seeking for God. Always hungry for more of God.

  2. User Avatar

    You have just encouraged me with your post. I thought I was old fashioned because people around me made me feel so. I never seem to have prayed enough because I feel there is always something more in God. Now I know I am not alone.

    1. User Avatar

      I understand Penelope what it feels like pursuing after God in this generation. Trust me, you are not alone in that pursuit.

  3. User Avatar

    Singing in Sinach’s voice…I want more of you, Jesus.
    Thank you Ikwuagwu, you just nailed it with this post.

    1. User Avatar

      Yes Amy, God is ever ready to fill us with His Spirit. He is waiting for you to come and drink boldly.

  4. Good word, sir! .. And the good thing is that hunger can be developed. Start getting around good word, hungry people, good worship and you can start building your hunger.

    1. User Avatar

      That’s all necessary Richy, you are very much there. Thank you for taking time to read and respond.

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