Hadassah: The story of time.

Hadassah, the name of the jewish girl caught up in the book of Esther caught my attention recently. The dramatic scenes found on every paragraph of the book fascinated me, with outstanding characters who have shaped our Christianity.

But have you considered the character of queen Vashti and her feministic Chronicles?

What about Ahaserus, who is also known as Xerxes and well portrayed in the movie : 300 Spartans?

Mordecai, the political scientist and accurate in governmental rudiments?

The list goes on and on…

Well, I have carefully crafted a story from the perspectives of Vashti, Xerxes, Mordecai and Hadassah rich with accurate historical data.

This will not only leave you enthralled but full of awe for the wisdom of God even though He was not mentioned at all in the entire book of Esther.

Powerful and timely insights that will leave you thinking deeper about your purpose here on earth.

Questions such as , why am I here on earth? will embrace answers from the rich well of this story.

Hadassah is actually the story of timeless truth of God’s divine orchestration even when He is not physically visible to our eyes.

Publishers: zero1media digital consults

Hadassah, ikwuagwu, the story of time

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