Esau is still Looking for Jacob to Kill him

During the time of the patriarchs, there was Esau and Jacob the twin sons of Isaac an Rebecca. Events played out supernaturally that Jacob deceived Isaac and took the blessing that belonged to Esau. Because of this, Esau vowed to kill Jacob as long as he lives. Jacob on hearing this took to flight by the instruction of his mother Rebecca and took refuge with his uncle Laban in a far away land called Haran.

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Years passed, changes became inevitable and along the line Jacob had a supernatural encounter where he saw an angel of the Lord. Fought with the angel and as a memento, his name was changed from Jacob to Israel.


This particular encounter was no ordinary event; it changed the course of the world. Jacob, the one that will realize the nation of God was transformed and became Israel (the prince of God). This happened when Esau was on his way to meet Jacob because he heard that Jacob had left his place of refuge (Laban’s house). Now, considering the circumstances surrounding the last encounter the twins had, I am therefore forced to think that this meeting wasn’t going to be a cordial one.

Esau was still hunting Jacob, and so when Jacob left Laban’s house Esau suited up to meet Jacob. But when they met, the bible recorded in Genesis 33:4 that Esau ran to meet him embraced him and kissed him. This is indeed surprising and hence the reason for this expose’. Well as surprising this may be, remember that he was looking for Jacob, but Jacob was no more. Jacob had expired and transformed into Israel. Esau could not find Jacob but he found Israel (the prince of God) instead.

As confused as Esau was, he left without hurting Israel, because he wasn’t looking for Israel but Jacob. The Bible went further to record in Genesis 33:16 that Esau returned back to Seir in Edom, may be disappointed that he didn’t find Jacob. He left and continued looking for Jacob, and he is still looking for Jacob till today. This is why the restlessness of Esau seems to grow in leaps and bound because Jacob is still nowhere to be found.

Israel will come under no harm because he has power both with God and with man and has prevailed. Jacob doesn’t have this quality. Let Esau continuo to look for Jacob while Israel the new creation will continue to prevail in leaps and bounds. As believers, you need to be transformed from Jacob to Israel. Israel is better than Jacob in every way including in prosperity, health, wealth, influence and anointing. The Christian is Israel, the prince of God.


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