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Psalm 37: 23

The steps of a Goodman are ordered by the Lord, and He delighted in his way.


What good are the steps of a good man?

I am wondering, of all the things the Lord should be bothered about, why so much about the steps of a good man?

In as much as I don’t always know why the Lord has to bother so much about my steps, yet the knowledge and awareness of the fact that He does give me an unnatural confidence every morning. It renews my confidence about the Holy Ghost leading me and the cross my anchor. It helps me to make decisions even about the simple minute things in my life.


Every man’s life is a journey and so in every journey, there are bound to be steps taken in order to make progress. For example, where you are now is not exactly where you have been, especially in age, location, status and so on. In your progression, you have actually taken steps, maybe not steps as in leg movement, but steps in thought pattern, choice pattern, talk pattern and so on.

So, when the Lord talks about the steps of a man, I don’t think it is just about the man moving from one geographical location to another. It involves every form of step you are making right now and the ones you are about to make and the ones you have already made in your life.


Our lives are a function of the steps we are always taking, the decisions we are always making, the choices we are always going for, the thought patterns that we have conveniently followed, the cause we have passionately gone after. So, in all these, God sees it wise to reach out to us in order to order our steps so we could always be in His will for our lives and not be derailed.


I know that my steps are being ordered by God even before I was formed in my mother’s womb. I knew about this not just from this scripture before me today but from what Jeremiah 1:5.

There is an order already marked out for you by God which you should follow because there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end, is destruction. God desires that you fall in line with His orders for you and when you do, He will delight in all your ways.


In conclusion, as you step into this new week, pray that every step you take both online and offline be according to the orders God has already marked out for you this week. What I mean is that let God order your thoughts, your physical steps, decisions, conversations, choices, your clicks and all.

When God orders, all things always find a way to fall in line for you because they will simply be taking their place in God’s design for your life.

Give God an opportunity to delight in all your ways including your online paths, conversation trails, physical footprints, hidden thoughts, prayers and worship. It begins when you follow the orders, He has already marked out for you and it always ends in praise and testimonies.

God bless you!

This week is going to be your best so far!

Do you want God to order your steps? Do you want to walk in God’s orders for your life? Then you need to make this confession right now and let Jesus have sway over you right now: Father I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that Jesus has died for my sins. I believe in my heart that you have raised Him from the dead and I confess with my mouth right now that he is my savior therefore, I am saved In Jesus’ name, Amen.

When you make this confession, then you are born again. If you did, reach out to me in the inbox let me tell you more about this new experience.

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