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Ditches for Solution? Why?


2Kings 3:16  And he said, Thus saith the LORD, Make this valley full of ditches. 

What significance does this instruction have?

Why did God say it?

Let’s find out why.                               


Israel made a wrong turn when the consulted a compass in a situation where they should have relied on Gods guidance, thereby making them rely on the guidance of a compass. As a result, they wandered aimlessly in the wilderness for a longtime, and in the process, they ran out of their war supplies especially water and food.


Running out of these two basic items when you are enroute to war is a very precarious situation, in fact, it is a situation where your enemies would love you to get into.

Sometimes the enemy will design his war strategy in a way so you can run out of your supplies and doing all things possible to cut off your backup supplies from getting to you. So, when Israel found themselves in this state, they became afraid that the enemy might have gotten wind of their predicament which spells doom for them. Or that if they eventually engage the enemy, the moral of her soldiers will be too low to fight effectively. They faced an impending defeat. This was when they began to look for solution out of their mess.


Have you gotten into trouble lately? It could be a situation where all your possible exits have become entry points for more trouble. This story has something similar with certain of our situations in life. In this midst of this trouble and confusion someone had the courage and sense to remember God.


When they inquired of God finally, God gave an instruction which is in His nature. A lot of times God doesn’t just perform a miracle to deliver us, especially when we lead ourselves into the trouble. He simply provides a way out which he expects us to take. He presents it to us as a choice which we will have to take a decision.

His ways are usually in the form of an instruction, a command, a suggestion from a colleague, an advice from mentor or a trusted friend. But in all, God will not put his divine way in the hand or mouth of someone who you do not hold in high regard.


God limits his risk of not getting through to you. In His infinite mercy, He narrows it down for us so we don’t go too far to hear from Him. It is important for us to know that the choice remains ours to make whether we will get out of the trouble by His way or not.


In conclusion, one would have wondered initially why would God ask them to make ditches when obviously what they expected Him to do at that point was rain down manner and command some stone to give them water. But God instead showed them a way out which needed them to think and work it out still. So, in other words, God’s intervention or deliverance is not entirely up to God to do everything, we’ve got a whole lot still to do. God will simply point you in the right direction and you are good to go. Let this week be your right direction to that major breakthrough you’ve been praying for.

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