passion, ikwuagwu igwe kalu


Passion is key as seen in this piece.

In 2016, during the recession that hit Nigeria, I had just left my oil company job working offshore with Oando Energy Services to start up my private practice as an Architect.


With the building industry badly affected that time with the recession, I was also badly hit as a new entrance into the sector. I became broke using up all my saving. At this time my wife had just put to bed just 4 months ago.

I found myself at home like most people did due to the recession and extreme economic downturn.

Prior to this period, I have been a very talented fellow and highly skilled with a love and passion for God.


I realized I had 3 things at that time, and they are going to be the basis of my discussion with you in this course. They are Time, Internet and my Belief System.

  1. I have developed a belief system for my life by believing in God and in His word. So, this had shaped my behavior to be prayerful and morally upright. But I am of the school of thought that your actions actually are the proof of what you believe. So, I believed in myself that I could create the life that I have always wanted despite the situation I had found myself in.
  2. I used my time to think and explore my belief system and I worked my butt off by using the third thing.
  3. The internet. I saw a way out from the internet especially with YouTube to learn new skills that would be relevant to the life I wanted to create. And this was how my transformation began.

Today, I have built 3 registered companies and they are:

  1. Zero1logistics and Associate
  2. Zero1media Digital Consultants
  3. Lilys Nuts and Fruits Ventures

Without any direct investment from anybody but all from within me.

This is what I want to passionately show you in this course on how you too can create a business, company, life from within you, using available organic tools.

So, sit back and watch these videos, get back to me with questions and I will be glad to see that you create something big out of nothing.




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