waiting on God, ikwuagwu igwe kalu

Are you Really Waiting on God?


Isaiah 40:31

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

What do you do while you wait?

Contrary to popular opinion of waiting which is to waste time doing nothing in the name of waiting on God. Waiting by God’s standard and expectation is a position of activity.


Waiting is an active verb. So, the Bible here reveals that if you are waiting on God then you should:

  1. Renew your strength
  2. Mount up with wings as eagles
  3. Run
  4. Walk

The question now is: what does it mean to renew your strength?

When we exercise, we renew our strength. The same way athletes do their warm ups before a race in order to keep fit and be ready for the race.


In a football game, you have the first eleven and the substitutes. When a change needs to be made it is expected that the substitute starts warming up in order to play- while warming up, the player is waiting for his opportunity to come.

Waiting is a period of waiting for your opportunity to show up. While you are at this, you must also be ready for this opportunity.


When God requires us to wait, He expects us to grow into the next level. When God says “wait” He is simply saying: “you are not ready my son”. A lot of times we think that we are ready and that there is no need for us to wait- this is the point where frustration comes in. Waiting is a period you are expected to grow up.

A lot of hurts we experience is as a result of getting into things we were not ready for.

God is taking us on a journey and there are steps and processes we need to pass through in order to get to our destination. The Bible calls these processes: waiting on God.


As a young person, what are these processes? What is expected of us as we wait for our major breakthrough in life, for your life partner, for your sponsor, for your miracle?

1Corinthians 1:7 So that ye come behind in no gift, waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Come behind in no gift.

Excel in all your gifts, and not come short anywhere. Get engaged with your gifts and time.

Acts 17:16 Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry.

What is your spirit stirring you to do?


In conclusion, while you wait, God is saying you are not yet ready. So, as you get ready, your spirit must be stirring to do something. Therefore start renewing your strength, mount up with your wings, run, walk, you must be active.

One thing is certain, you cannot wait forever with God, He will always show up.

This week, I see God showing up for your sake and you will come out a victor. Start warming up, you are next in line for the big announcement.

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