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My weekend musings on Genesis 11:1-6

Why do you think God came down? I mean there are several instances in the Bible where it is recorded that God came down with His Glory and power such that mortals couldn’t stand Him. In each of these instances, you can succinctly pinpoint what shows the reason why God did, and trust me in most of my years as a Christian especially among the Pentecostals we have tried to replicate some of these instances in order for Him to appear, but did He? Just wait, I will tell you that while you go on to read.


In 2Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat and the Levites sang before the army in praise to God as they went into battle and it was recorded that God came down and fought for them so much that they didn’t need to lift a finger in that battle because their enemies were overwhelmed with a divine orgy to kill themselves. Obviously from this instance, when we praise and worship God in the Spirit such that we are totally lost in trust, it tends to provoke God to come and be with us in a spectacular manner. When this happens, then we say God came down.


In Acts2 we find the disciples gathered up together in one room and while they prayed, the Bible recorded that tongues of fire appeared as if it came down from Heaven and sat on their heads individually. This caused everyone that experienced this to begin speaking in foreign languages signifying the baptism of the Holy Spirit. So, this happened while they prayed implying that when we pray in fervency and absolute trust in God; a divine manifestation is prompted to take place and when this happens, we say God came down.


What about a combination of the two activities? Well, Paul and Silas tried it in Acts 16:25 where they prayed and sang praises to God while in prison. When they did, there was an earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison causing the prison doors to give way for Paul and Silas to come out. What happened? God came down to them in prison with a mighty performance.

These are highly charismatic activities which have taken the monopoly as the only causative activity that prompts God to come down.

Is there another way to cause God to come down to be with us and shake things up?

The truth is that the times we are in today requires a constant divine presence in order for us to stay alive and relevant.


In Genesis 11, men came together, men who didn’t have the Holy Spirit. Men who had just come out of the great flood. So, they came together and decided to set a goal of building a tower that will reach Heaven. They began to think about it, talk about it and then began to act on it. They imagined a tower that will get to heaven, made a plan, gathered materials, talked about it but did not stop there but began to build it. And God came down to see the tower which they were building because God knew that nothing stops a man who not only nurtures an idea but begins to act on that idea.


God comes down when He finds a man working not a man who is ready to work. God will only meet us in the field while we rip the corns from the stalks not while we sharpen our sickle. When an idea takes off from the mind to the hand, God joins His hand to make it happen at all costs.

Lamentations 3:36 to subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not.


In conclusion, God always will support you when you start working on your idea. What have you waited on for so long to do? This is 2020, and it is the best time ever to get to work on your ideas. God came down because He saw an idea that has been conceived being built. Where do you want God to meet you? Get there and roll up your sleeves and begin the grind.

As you sleep tonight to face the new week, make up your mind to begin building the tower because the world needs your own tower of Babel to begin.

I hope this makes your day. God bless you!

If you want God not only to come down but make a permanent abode in your heart, then make this confession out loud: Father I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that Jesus has died for my sins. I believe in my heart that you have raised Him from the dead and I confess with my mouth right now that he is my savior therefore, I am saved In Jesus’ name, Amen.

When you make this confession, then you are born again. If you did, reach out to me let me tell you more about this new experience.

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5 thoughts on “AND GOD CAME DOWN. WHERE? HOW? WHEN? Find out here.”

  1. in other words, when we step out in faith on Gods word and begin to act based on that faith, then God releases every resource required for that word to come to pass in our favor. This is indeed a word for the season for me.

  2. it just amazed me that God would come down because some individuals decided to act on their idea in unity. This is indeed a timely insight. thank you for sharing.

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