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5 Social Media Tips For Your Church

Social media tips for your church has become a valid necessity this time as more and more churches are going online through social media. Churches have found it very convenient to continue preaching the Gospel through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and co. especially during the corona virus lockdown and social distancing campaign. So in line with my passion to see more and more Churches take advantage of technology to carry out their divine mandate, i have put together 5 Social Media Tips For Your Church in order for you to be able to stand out on the internet during and after covid 19.

These 5 Social Media Tips For Your Church are not cast in concrete, so can make adjustments where you need to as it pertains to your Church needs on Social media.

Here are the 5 Social Media Tips For Your Church

Tip #1: Engage with your audience!

There is nothing worse than not replying or engaging with your audience. Engagement looks different on different platforms. For example on Instagram you can look at your followers and see what they are posting about and comment on their feeds. On Twitter it could be as simple as liking a mention or replying to a comment. I’ve said it before that social media is an engagement channel, not a broadcast channel. If you want to reach more people then a great way to do that is to engage with your audience (If you are on Instagram come and say hello. Here is my profile).

Tip #2: Post the same content more than once

You may write and post links about what is going on in your church community, but did you know that you can actually link to that same content more than once? Your audience isn’t online all at the same time so by reposting you will give them a higher opportunity to read your content if you post more than once.

Tip #3: Find out when the best time to post is

You can reach more people by posting your content at the right time. For example people scan their social media feeds when they wake up. It makes sense to have content there for them to engage with. There are some great tools to use to find out what the best times to post are find them here.

Tip #4: Post the right kind of post at the right time

Like I said in the previous post some people check their feeds the first thing in the morning. Choosing the right content for that moment is so important. We regularly post short scannable scriptures in the morning as we know many people are in the mindset to basically get a quick summary of what they missed on social and in their news feeds. (Here are five different examples of scripture posts you can create.)

Tip #5: Finish filling in ALL the details

On Facebook you will lose out if you don’t complete your address. No one will be able to check in. While that is a #firstworldproblem it means that you will lower the engagement and not be able to build your loyal tribe of followers if you don’t finish this feature.

Whats your opinion? Are there more tips you will like to add? please put them ou on the comment section.

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